Individual and Couples Therapy 

I adapt my approach to each person to provide highly personalized care. My therapeutic style is both warm and engaging, and I take a trauma-informed, insight-oriented approach with the goal of helping you create deep, meaningful, and lasting change. I will work collaboratively with you to encourage self-reflection, reduce your suffering, carefully navigate painful experiences, and help you make the changes that you seek in your life.

In our work together, we will address present issues and concerns, while also attending to your earliest experiences and relationships. These earlier experiences create an imprint for how we move through the world as adults, and so, addressing them will help us better understand the conflicts that underlie your current difficulties. We will also make use of the therapeutic relationship that develops between us to clarify these conflicts and dynamics and work through them in the present moment.

Group Therapy

Process groups provide a unique and powerful opportunity for change and growth. They consist of up to 8 members who meet weekly for the purpose of exploring who they are, how they relate to others, and what they would like to change in their lives and relationships.

The power of this form of therapy lies in the tendency for group members to recreate dynamics within the group that mirror their relationships outside of group. As group members become more comfortable, they begin to remind one another of significant people from their past and present. This brings up thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to be processed and worked through in the here-and-now of group.

The group format allows members to work together to deepen their self-awareness, learn about the ways they interact with and impact others, and express, experience and work through thoughts and feelings that typically only come up in other group or family settings.

Current group offerings:

  • R&R: Reflect and Recharge: This weekly process group, co-led with Sheri-Ann Cowie, Ph.D., is for therapists and therapists-in-training looking to enhance their personal self-awareness and professional growth. See flyer for more details.