Hello and welcome

Life brings about a web of hopes, fears, challenges, and transitions that can be difficult to face alone. You may feel like there is much to confront without knowing where to begin. Maybe you are looking to increase your self-awareness and understanding, improve difficult relationships, or process painful emotions and experiences. Whatever it is that brings you to therapy, I’m here to help you address the conflicts that are contributing to your sense of feeling dissatisfied.

Using a trauma-informed, insight-oriented approach, I will work collaboratively with you to encourage self-reflection, reduce your suffering, and create positive behavioral change. While addressing present concerns, we will also attend to the impact of your earliest experiences and relationships to better understand aspects of your life that are interfering and causing you pain.

I currently offer individual, couples, and group therapy to adults 18 years and older, helping with various difficulties, including:

  • Complex trauma and abuse, including childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse

  • Chronic shame and/or guilt

  • Problems related to anxiety

  • Perfectionism and obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Problems related to mood, such as depression

  • Conflicts and problems in relationships

I look forward to helping you experience a greater sense of emotional freedom, autonomy, and meaning in your daily life. Contact me today so that we may begin our work together.